English band in France

English band in France


January 10th, 2018


The benefits of France

The main source of our bookings are from English couples searching for an English speaking band in France.

There are so many benefits to getting married in France. The weather, for a start, which is much more guaranteed than back in blighty! The venues are absolutely stunning and we’re lucky to play in some of the most beautiful, historical chateaux throughout France, especially in the south where we are based full time in Nice, and west towards Bordeaux. The wine’s not bad either. We love travelling back to the UK to play in venues throughout Britain, but there’s something magical about the south of France.

Despite all the positives, it can be daunting stepping into the unknown and booking vendors, especially when not speaking French. We’re lucky to work with several excellent teams of wedding planners, photographers, videographers, chateaux directly and have built up great relationships. That makes things so much easier when booked for a wedding.

english band in france

English band in France

We’re always happy to help as much as possible when liaising with the couple, and if necessary the venue. Booking Brightlights, an English band in France, allows couples to have their wedding in an idyllic French setting but with entertainment very much closer to home.

This year has seen also seen a surge of bookings from English speaking countries including 5 from the States, 4 from Australia and 3 from South Africa. We’re really looking forward to playing to a worldwide audience this summer!

Should you book Brightlights for your wedding in France, you’re in safe hands. You can only count on one hand the venues we’re not completely familiar with. We love working closely with couples and keep in regular contact from the moment first contact is made until the last chord of your wedding night to ensure everything runs seamlessly. Our full package including the band, lighting and DJ set afterwards means we can tick several boxes in one go and provide the entertainment from the meal all the way through to a sometimes exceptionally late finish! We try to make things as easy as possible. After all,  less time worrying about the band, more time spent practising that daunting first dance!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you may need. We are always happy to help with the booking procedure and recommending any vendors that we work closely with.
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