Wedding band and Waynes

Wedding band and Waynes


February 23rd, 2014



Waynes Bar

We’ve had a hugely busy winter season at Waynes Bar in Nice, where we work as the house band 14 days a month. It’s a place that has to be seen to be believed; a bar almost as busy in winter as during the summer, packed full with what seems like endless numbers of coach trips into the ‘pit’ (the area at the bottom of the bar where the stage is shared with 3 large bench tables designed solely for dancing upon! Waynes Bar can often be confusing for first time visitors who’ve just ordered their meal, to find they’re sharing their table  with 300 dancing tourists!)

During that time, we’ve made contact with many great venues throughout Europe,  particularly in France, and linked up with some of the best wedding planners and event agencies. Despite being contracted to 14 days a month, Waynes Bar are flexible and allow us time off to perform at events throughout Europe.

Waynes Bar


We’re now booked out for over 40 private events throughout the upcoming summer, predominantly weddings, and are looking forward to playing a part in so many people’s special days. We’re now one of the busiest wedding band’s in France and are also performing as French wedding dj’s where the full band set isn’t possible.

Part of the process, and in many ways the most important factor as a wedding band, is always being on top of the most current hits and songs for people to enjoy. In the last few years, in many ways due to the changes in the original music industry, solo performers have come to the fore, a space that more traditional bands previously dominated. It’s given us the opportunity to learn more ‘dancey’ pop hits by artists like Macklemore, Bruno Mars, Avicii and Daft Punk, and they really compliment our existing songs. The old wedding classics fulfil what has turned out to be a very varied set, but judging by the winter season at Waynes Bar, one that really works for people of all ages and gets the crowd in the mood to party.

Wedding band

With weddings especially, we know that on such a special occasion the music can be very personal. We always work with our clients to go through our set list and fully tailor a set that will suit their day. If considering Brightlights as your wedding band, or having already booked us, please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any requests, or feel that certain songs won’t work for you. It’s your big day after all.

If visiting France, please don’t hesitate to come and see us at Waynes Bar  

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