What kind of music do you perform?

The Brightlights set has been carefully chosen over years of performing. The set includes the best hits from the 50/60s onwards, and represents a perfect balance between contemporary and classic. The band spends hours in the studio in between performances ensuring the latest hits are as exceptional as the classics! Please see the Playlist page for a full up to date list.

A certain song means a lot to us. Could you learn it?

Brightlights know that above all, music is exceptionally personal. If you have a song that absolutely must be included on your wedding day, and it suits the type of sound the band play, just ask. Due to the band’s busy diary, this must be done at least 1 month in advance.

Can we tailor the set list to us?

Yes, absolutely. Weddings are special occasions, and the band are happy to work with clients throughout contact until the big day to really tailor the set towards you. The playlist is varied enough to cater towards a crowd of any age, so should you feel that some songs absolutely must be played, or alternatively just aren’t right for your event, just say.

Bonjour! Our event is in France, and we slept through GCSE French class! Could you deal with the venue directly for us? Merci.

Oui! The band speaks fluent French and would be more than happy to speak with any venue regarding arrangements or technicalities.

Do you require a stage?

No. Brightlights play in some of the most beautiful old chateaux throughout France, where 16th century architects rarely envisaged a perfect raised area for a band! A stage always looks better, but is not a necessity for the band to perform. A minimum floor space of around 4 metres wide by 3 metres deep is advised.

Do you require lighting?

Lighting is recommended to create a focal point for the event, but not a necessity. Brightlights offer lighting of any size to suit any venue, but should you prefer to arrange this either directly with the venue, or with a 3rd party supplier, that is fine also.

What are your power requirements?

The Brightlight’s set up is state of the art and uses the latest in modern technology to reduce the power output as much as possible. A minimum of three main’s power sources is advised within 5 metres (Brightlights come equipped with all necessary extension cables under 5m) – Exact requirements change event to event, so please get in touch should you be unsure or require exact specifications.

We were thinking of booking a DJ too. How does that affect you?

The band are happy to liaise with any other performers booked for the event to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. If interested in a DJ, why look elsewhere? The band offer a DJ service, meaning only one set of PA equipment and lighting for the band and DJ, and lots more room for dancing!

What do you wear when you perform?

The band dress classically and simply in dark suits with shirt and smart shoes.

Do you require food and drink?

Yes please. The band are very self sufficient and easy going, but a basic meal for four is required, along with cold refreshments.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes of course. One of the perks of being in a band is the opportunity to travel high and low throughout the world, as long as all expenses are covered. For events where flying is necessary, the band have a technical specification rider – a local company must be sourced to provide the equipment.

Do you require accommodation?

It can take up to 2 hours to pack down the full band setup after a show, which often means a very late finish. If the event is based further than 3 hours away from Nice, France, (our hometown) we stay in hotels at our own cost. Our quoted price is always all inclusive of expenses and accommodation; there are no hidden fees.

What happens on the wedding day?

Brightlights require at least 2 hours before guests arrive (if possible) to ensure a full soundcheck. The band will agree a suitable time with the client, and arrive at least 1 hour before soundcheck to load in and acclimatise with the venue. After soundcheck, unless otherwise instructed, the band will return to a hotel for the afternoon (unless asked to provide entertainment, such as the piano package or extra speaker hire, during the day). If the event is in close proximity to Nice and the band are not staying at a hotel, a private space is required to act as a base, ideally with changing and shower facilities. Prior to any performance, the band will be on site and ready one hour before the allocated time, should any timescale changes occur.

All sounds great, but we’d like to hear more.

Choosing a band for your special day can be a tough choice. The entertainment is one of the most important decisions to make, and getting it right sets the tone for a truly exceptional wedding. Brightlights provide the professionalism, organisation and above all excellence as a band to ensure your day is as memorable as you’d always hoped for, and will gladly be as flexible as possible to provide a truly personal and unforgettable performance. Please check the testimonials to hear some comments. Many clients have also willingly put themselves forward to act as a reference. Their contact details have naturally being kept private, but should you require a second opinion, please feel free to ask to be put in touch.